Board Chair, Edmonton Public Schools

Trustee, Ward B


Michelle Draper

Edmonton Public School Board Trustee - Ward B

About Michelle Draper

Michelle was elected to the Edmonton Public School Board of Trustees in 2013, and served two years as the Board's Vice Chair. In February 2017 she was acclaimed Board Chair.  Michelle holds the professional designation of Credentialed Evaluator from the Canadian Evaluation Society.  Michelle completed a Bachelor of Education (After Degree) from Concordia University College in Edmonton.  She also holds a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Alberta.


Why I Ran for Trustee

To make a difference! My children have been part of Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB). I am a teacher, evaluator, active community member and resident of Northeast Edmonton.


On What Issues?

  • Success for ALL students
  • Early childhood development
  • Parent engagement
  • Stable, predictable & long term funding
  • Working better together with other levels of government


Priorities of EPSB

The Board sets priorities, along with students, staff, and the community.  All the issues that I ran on, issues that are important to me and to my constituents, are part of the District’s Strategic Plan.


  1. Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.
  2. Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.
  3. Enhance public education through communication, engagement and partnerships.



Over my term, I’m especially proud of our emphasis on success for ALL students (increase in high school completion & the formation of the Equity Fund); early childhood education (expansion of our pre-kindergarten programing); parent engagement (visiting school council meetings and being visible in the community); continued funding for student growth and much needed infrastructure (new schools opening and advocacy for more to come). I am proud of my strong working relationships with elected officials in all levels of government.